How To Use The Law Of Attraction With Full Force Following These Daily 6 Steps

9If the title intrigued you, I have achieved my purpose of using the law of attraction to get traffic to this article. To get right into the article I want to say that the law of attraction is by far the most powerful law that is in use in every single person’s life.

The law of attraction is working whether you know it or not. I’m assuming that you are already familiar with what the law of attraction means but if you are not I will give you a quick rundown of the definition.

Whatever you believe to be true and whatever consumes your mind whether good or bad is attracted to you. If you don’t believe you can ever create wealth you never will. Vice versa if you believe you are a self made millionaire following his plan to success you will be that success story if you have a relentless burning desire matched with you taking massive action.

It gets a bit more complex than this and that is why I am going to introduce the six steps that must be followed in order to use the Law of attraction with full force. The six steps are not original steps that I am creating they are in fact the six steps that were created by Napoleon Hill when he wrote the book Think and GArerow Rich. These six steps must be followed each and every day until you manifest whatever you desire.

Step number one is to define the amount of money that you want down to the penny. You must first know the exact amount of money that you desire in order for you to be able to manifest it. Many people say that they want a lot of money but do not know the exact amount of money that they wish to obtain. The first step for you is to define that number.

Step number two is to determine what you will be giving in return for the money that you desire. It is pretty obvious but if you did not know you do not get a lot of money for doing absolutely nothing. If you desire a ton of money you must provide a ton of value in return to a lot of people.

Step number two is not an easy step for a lot of people because it forces them to actually come up with a way to obtain the money that they desire. If you’re completely clueless on this area continuing in pursuit of self-improvement is going to be the best route that you can take.

Step number three is to establish a date of when you will be in possession of the money that you desire. So take for example you want to obtain a six figure annual income and you will be providing cleaning services to the businesses in your city.

You must establish a date that your desire will be a reality. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time but not a huge amount of time to where you do not have urgency in the picture. If you are nowhere close to your goal but you have a plan in place decide on a date and put the date in stone.

Step number four is to create a plan to obtain your chief aim. You must begin your plan whether you are ready or not. Many people will have excuses and alibis stating that they are not ready to create their wealth by the plan that they have configured. Inside the six steps you see that you must start no matter if you’re ready or not.

Step five is to write out a statement which includes each of the first four steps inside. You will need to write out the amount of money that you desire with what you will provide in return for the money, the date that you will be in possession of the money and the plan in which you are going to follow to manifest the money.

Step six is for you to read your statement aloud once in the morning when you wake and once at night before you sleep. The most important part of the sixth step is for you to visualize yourself in possession of the money and believe you will achieve your goal. The belief is you using the power of the law of attraction in full force as a visualization guide to bring your future that you’ve created from the six steps into your reality.

Notice there is no statement stating that you can simply just think about what you want an attract it to you. You must actually have a sound plan, value that you provide in return, an estimated date of when you will be in possession of what you desire and willingness to follow this plan each and every day.