Intergrating Illegal Immigrants

44Is this newly scripted and revealed Presidential program to deal with illegal immigrants by embedding them as “Guests Workers”, more or less going to be best for America? That is really the main question. Not what is best for you, although you do vote that way, and perhaps you should, but putting the country first before self is an old habit of mine. Thinking this way, and being a Christian, causes me to do more thinking than is necessary, I suppose, however, it causes me also to see things from a different perspective. I can’t help but ponder the direction this countries leaders are leading us. I am of course not comfortable with the “Just take them out to International waters and drop em!” solution. Nor am I about to accept the Presidential “Prescription”. There is both a better way, yet human, while saving tax dollar First though, what is the end results of the Presidents new stated policy to deal with illegal aliens.

A massive influx of Illegal Immigrants is one thing. Hidden cash society is not a good thing when you look at it from the governments perspective. Not only are you missing out on controlling your borders,but all the tax money will be missed. And then you will have to provide the same services for illegal Immigrants as for any citizen of America. Welfare; Health; Human Services take a huge toll uponour country strength, but must be done to establish this countries health!

So what is the answer to this problem from the Administrative view?Giving “status” of different levels will create another level of citizenship.Having doubled the voting membership, one can only sense an outcome from the voting boothof both Catholic inspired social influences and a further melding of both countries. Is this the planned outcome?

If you allowed a huge influx of any socially similar group of legal or Illegal Immigrants, you would get the same results, that is, you would have to absorb within your present society all the baggage of; social, economical, as well as education, and philosophy, imported along with those persons. You see, this is America after all, and they must be given a vote, a say, in the direction of their new country. Catholic is no different than any other religion, in that all religions have inculcated within any person of its persuasion it own “brand” of looking at the
human experience. Thus, I am pointing this out in this vein. Political Planks, such as Birth Control, Abortion, and Immigration Law, would have serious impact upon this nation.

If anyone were to leave America for other lands, as the early English did historically wheneverthey came to this shore, the society and landscape of law and politics was changed to their idea of how things should be. Their “footprint” never changed, only the place of residence. Knowing this to be a human trait not yet extinguished, a “mixing” of Mexican and South American philosophy is to be expected. Can you accept this change? Would you want to? Too bad if you don’t because it is now “Policy” due to the influx of persons who might vote in unison!

To heap tracking upon any Illegal Immigrants now having dual citizenship, AFTER they have been granted permission to stay in America. is itself ILLIGAL. Unless you heap it upon all of our citizens! You can then look forward to the soon coming day when you are tracked. Is the stepping up of patrolling the border with Mexico to keep the Illegal Aliens from coming into America? To keep the “Terrorist” from infiltrating? Or is it also to keep you Prisoner? I think only two of those questions is answered positive. You can stop some terror from infiltrating America. You can keep its citizens prisoner. But no patrolling will stop Illegal Immigration! I know this from past experience.

As a member of a River Patrol Section (Patrol Boat River PBR’s), with the joint work of Seal Teams; Army and others was my assignment. Using night vision optics; Phyc war events; helicopters; hover craft; Swift Boats; spies; South Vietnamese Troops (who were supposed to know the terain);mortar batteries (with pre-set firing coordinatates); B 52 bombers; f16’s and lots of other assets in place, (and remember, all were attended by trained experts),still we did not prevent thousands of boats filled with hundreds of thousands of VC from crossing the rivers! What makes you think the National Guard, stretched to the limits, will accomplish the same objective? Simply put, they can’t! Then what can be done to stem this tide of humanity? Is the Presidents program the only solution? No!

To stop Illegal Immigration from Mexico in one day, and save tax dollars, while remaining human to others you need to;

1) Place a levy the Mexican Government $1,000 US dollars for every Illegal Immigrant caught crossing, or caught in this country. Place a bounty upon all Illegal Aliens that would reward anyone that called Authorities (Available to U.S. citizens only! Without hindering a person themselves, such action is against the law and you will be prosecuted for it!) about the whereabouts of any Illegal Immigrant!

2) AND subtract the $1,000 US dollars, or whatever the balance is of dealing with this persons illegal entry. That is, for an example, having to place him into prison for 10 years would lessen our Billions of dollars in aid we send to Mexico and South America by the amount it cost us to incarcerate the person and handle the case.

Now! How fast do you think the Mexican Government would place its own border patrol or National Guard along its own border with America? But of course, that is not the way to shift dollars from the American Taxpayer to the coiffeurs of Big Business. Buying hardware, such as Motion Detectors is! Bringing in millions of Illegal Aliens is!

Would such a program be implemented by any administration? Yes. If the people vote for it! And if the people, the voting populace, act quickly, before there is all to apt to be a negative vote from new dual citizens!

In summation, what we have here is not failure to communicate! Nor the power to think. Nor do we lack the power to contol our own borders to a greater degree, using political negotiation. What we have here is something very much different! What we have here is indeed a conspiracy between the President of Mexico and the President of the United States of America, and others, to the hurt of America! Intolerable.

Dan Bunch

copyright 2006 Dan Bunch

DAN BUNCH BIO Copyright by Dan Bunch, Dan Bunch, a Cherokee; Choctaw, and “Brass-Ankle” Melungeon, whose mother was a naturalized citizen born in Hong Kong. His father was born in Texas, a Cherokee-Melungeon, who served in the Army during WWII.

Dan Bunch grew up in Whitewright, Texas, where he played football, baseball, and boxing. He enlisted in the United States Navy Reserve while still a junior in high school.

He has had a multitude of experience in the business world. He has been in insurance, real estate, finance, and a builder of custom homes. He has always been a writer, and cartoonist. He attributes his interest in many subjects to his early career as a newspaper boy.

He married his high school sweetheart Gayle, with whom they have two children and five grandchildren.