What Everyone Should Know About Criminal Attorneys

56If you’ve been accused of a crime, the attorney you decide upon can affect the outcome of your case tremendously. The defense used, in addition to the overall strength of your case, should be designed by an experienced criminal attorney. It’s important to find an attorney who understands the details of your unique situation. Criminal lawyers will represent clients of all types who are being accused of a crime. This is quite unlike civil lawyers, who deal in divorces, property disputes and other transactions. As the title suggests, criminal attorneys defend individuals accused of crimes.

Crimes in general are grouped into either the “misdemeanor” or “felony” category. Misdemeanors are considered less severe in nature, including traffic violations and petty theft such as shoplifting. Felonies, on the other hand, are viewed as considerably more severe. Felony charges included serious allegations like are rape, sexual assault and murder.

DUI charges and allegations of sex crimes are two possible charges that generally involve a criminal defense lawyer:

DUI Charges

DUI laws are becoming increasingly tough, and the laws across the county are getting even tougher. Most individuals have no real understanding of how sever the consequences of a DUI can be, unless they actually know someone who has been found guilty. In many instances, a first DUI can include mandatory jail time. This is one obvious incentive to becoming more aware in itself, and it’s a reason to hire the best criminal defense lawyer that you can find if you are accused.

Simply put, a DUI or DWI is a charge of intoxication leading to impairment while driving a motor vehicle. This isn’t limited to alcohol, but includes other substances. DUI is a common charge across the country. It is estimated that over 1 million people will be charged with drunk driving every year.

Sex Crimes

Criminal attorneys may defend those charged with offenses like prostitution, sexual molestation and rape. Since these charges carry serious consequences, including jail time, most individuals will want to find the best criminal lawyer to represent them. Since there is a stigma attached to accusations like rape and other sexual offense charges, many will want their name cleared. This is yet another reason secure the aid of a seasoned criminal defense lawyer.

Of course, drunk driving and sex crime allegations are not the only cases criminal law firms handle. Other defense law subjects include family violence, white collar crimes, property crimes and parole violations.